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Food Allergies Knowledge

food allergies Food Allergies  Food Allergy is not only interfere with our enjoyment of eating food, but also disrupt your body’s health. Familiar with food allergies can help you avoid such hassles.

Food allergies are a negative immune response against food proteins. Food allergies or food intolerance usually cause different reactions to each other. Not all food allergies or food intolerance will cause the immune system becomes impaired.

Food allergies often occur in children under the age of four years. Most of those who have allergies caused by milk, wheat, or soybeans. While in fish and shellfish allergies usually develop later in life, “said Dr. Purwa Duggal nutritional experts, such as Times of India released.

Reasons behind the emergence of allergies in children need to know. Genetic and environmental factors can also affect it. FDA (Food and Drug Administration – food and drug watchdog the U.S.) estimates that two percent of adults and eight percent of children have food allergies.

Another nutritionist, Naini Setalvad tried to highlight some of the many foods that cause allergies. These foods include cow’s milk and goat’s milk, and soy milk. Then there is all that has been processed dairy products such as cheese, condensed milk, ice cream, yogurt is also often cause allergies.

Eggs are also often makes people become allergic. You need to avoid foods made from eggs, such as cakes, biscuits, and so on.

In addition there is also the type of soy beans, soy milk and the other foods that contain soy. There is also the wheat that makes one also attacked by allergies. You need to avoid foods that contain wheat.

Some foods can cause allergies ie nuts, corn, and foods containing preservatives, as shown in striking colors in these foods.

Food Allergies Precaution

To cope with food allergies you need to take the same precautions with some of the following activities:

- Avoid foods that are suspected to make your health impaired. In this case, you certainly need to selectively choose food

- Perform allergy skin tests

- Ensure that any choice of foods you eat have consulted a doctor. When food allergy has been found, make sure all food is removed from the list of foods that you create every day.